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Winter Storage Tips for Your Summer Items

If you’re already starting to daydream about going skiing, hopping on your snowboard, and sipping hot chocolate fireside, it can only mean one thing winter is coming! And while you might be ready to make the transition from summer to fall, your house and garage might say otherwise. 

Fall is the best time to transition your summer gear to your winter gear. Decluttering and creating a strategy for storing seasonal items will help you stay focused, keep your belongings safe, and give you more room to enjoy all that winter has to offer. 

Ready to get started? We can help! 

4 Ways to Properly Store and Prep Your Summer Items for Winter

It can sometimes be tempting to store all your summer clothes, gear and decorations in a closet in the basement until next year. But did you know that properly storing your things in plastic bins and storage units can help them last longer and save you money on replacement costs? 

Below are four winter storage tips to help you protect your summer items and get your house ready for winter. 

1. Winter Storage for Summer Clothes 

One of the biggest ways to make room in your closets is by storing your summer clothes during winter. You won’t be needing your flip-flops, beach towels or swimsuits, so you might as well free up the space for your winter coats and hats. 

Go through your clothes and remove anything from the pockets. Give everything that might be dirty a good wash, and take any delicate clothing to be dry cleaned. Clothes store well when folded, so invest in quality plastic storage bins and pile your clean, folded clothes in them. Be sure to label the containers so you can easily find them in your storage unit come spring. 

2. Winter Storage for Summer Furniture 

One of the best things about summer is spending time outdoors relaxing on your backyard patio. If you want your outdoor furniture to last summer after summer, it’s important to store it somewhere dry and away from the elements. 

Start by hand washing your furniture pieces to remove any dirt, grime or bugs. After cleaning your furniture, let it thoroughly dry. Put dry cushions and pillows into plastic bags, and cover all furniture with dust covers or blankets. Once you’re ready, take all your clean furniture pieces, pillows, and even your grill to a temporary storage facility where you can store and protect it from weather damage. 

3. Winter Storage for Summer Gear

If you spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer, you’ve probably acquired a lot of gear. From bikes and outdoor play structures to surfboards and fishing gear, you need to keep these things safe and ready for use next year. 

Clean all items thoroughly and make any necessary repairs. Since plastic can crack in cold weather, it’s important to prep your fun summer gear for winter storage. We suggest keeping these expensive toys indoors all winter, whether it’s in a basement, heated garage or secure storage unit. 

4. Winter Storage for Gardening Gear

If you live in an area with a lot of snow, you know that you won’t be needing your lawnmower, edger or hose all winter. Since these items tend to be relatively expensive, it’s essential to keep them protected from adverse weather conditions so that you can use them again year after year. 

Since your lawnmower is probably your biggest investment when it comes to outdoor gardening equipment, it deserves the most attention. Empty your mower’s gas tank, clean the mower thoroughly, and lubricate any moving parts before storing it for winter. Since gardening equipment, especially hoses and hand tools, can crack and rust from winter weather, it’s wise to invest in a storage unit near you where your items will be secure until spring rolls around. 

Keeping your items safe all winter is the best way to set yourself up for success for next year. While it might take a little extra effort this fall, we promise it’ll be worth it when spring rolls around and you’re ready to relax on your patio and enjoy the sun after a long, cold winter. 

Make More Room for Winter Fun with Store Here

Decluttering your summer items is an easy way to make more room in your home and get them ready for the cooler months ahead.  One simple solution is using a climate controlled storage unit like the ones at Store Here to rotate seasonal items or safely store things you don’t want to part with but don’t have room to keep at home. Find storage options near you that make it easy to cut back on clutter, so you can spend more time enjoying all the things to do in Sacramento during the winter months.

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