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What is Temperature/Climate Controlled Storage?

When considering storage options, understanding the nuances of temperature and climate-controlled storage can be crucial for the preservation of your belongings. This guide delves into what temperature-controlled storage means, the types of items best suited for these environments, and the pricing differences between various unit types.

What is Temperature Controlled Storage?

A temperature-controlled storage unit is housed within a finished building where the temperature range can be regulated, typically maintained between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. These units are designed to mitigate the effects of extreme temperatures, protecting your items from potential damage caused by heat or cold.

Types of Storage Units

There are generally three types of storage units available:

  1. Temperature Controlled (Heat and A/C) Units
  2. Heat Only Units
  3. Regular Units

Each type has specific features and is suitable for different kinds of items.

Temperature Controlled (Heat and A/C) Units

These units are equipped with both heating and air conditioning systems to maintain a stable temperature range. They are ideal for items sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Items Best Stored in Temperature Controlled Units:

  • Wood Furniture: Prevents warping, cracking, or splitting.
  • Leather Goods: Maintains quality and prevents drying out or cracking.
  • Electronics: Protects from moisture buildup that can damage internal components.
  • Books and Documents: Prevents yellowing, mold, and mildew.
  • Medical Supplies: Ensures efficacy and longevity.
  • Retail Inventory: Maintains product quality and prevents damage.

Heat Only Units

These units provide heating but do not have air conditioning. They are suitable for areas where cold is a greater concern than heat.

Items Best Stored in Heat Only Units:

  • Metal Items: Prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Plastic Goods: Avoids brittleness and cracking.
  • Certain Electronics: Suitable for items that are less sensitive to heat but vulnerable to cold.
  • Vehicles: Ideal for classic cars and motorcycles that require a stable, warm environment during winter months.

Regular Units

Regular storage units do not offer temperature control. They are generally more affordable but come with certain risks if you’re storing items sensitive to temperature changes.

Items Suitable for Regular Units:

  • Non-sensitive Household Items: Like garden tools, patio furniture, and appliances.
  • Seasonal Decor: Holiday decorations that are less affected by temperature.
  • Durable Goods: Items made of metal or plastic that are not temperature sensitive.

Potential Negatives of Non-Temperature Controlled Units:

  • Temperature Fluctuations: Can cause wood to warp and electronics to fail.
  • Humidity Issues: Increased risk of mold and mildew in documents and fabrics.
  • Material Degradation: Leather and fabrics may degrade faster.

Pricing Differences Between Unit Types

The cost of storage units varies based on the level of climate control offered:

  1. Temperature Controlled (Heat and A/C) Units: These are the most expensive due to the advanced technology required to maintain a consistent temperature.
  2. Heat Only Units: Generally less expensive than full climate control but more costly than regular units.
  3. Regular Units: The most affordable option but with the highest risk for temperature-sensitive items.

Pricing Example:

  • Temperature Controlled Unit (5’x5’): $75 – $150 per month.
  • Heat Only Unit (5’x5’): $50 – $100 per month.
  • Regular Unit (5’x5’): $30 – $60 per month.

Additional Considerations

When choosing a storage unit, it’s essential to consider not only the type of items you are storing but also the duration and the local climate. For instance, if you live in an area with extreme temperatures, investing in a temperature-controlled unit can save you from potential damage and costly replacements.

Benefits of Temperature Controlled Storage:

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your items are protected from extreme conditions.
  • Preservation: Longer lifespan for delicate items.
  • Quality Assurance: Maintains the condition and value of your belongings.

What is the best option for you?

Selecting the right storage unit depends on understanding your storage needs and the type of items you plan to store. Temperature-controlled storage units offer a higher level of protection for sensitive items, while regular units are more cost-effective for durable goods. By considering the specifics of each type and the associated costs, you can make an informed decision that best preserves your belongings and fits your budget.

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Everything has been great I have been thankful for everyone’s help in this facility. I had a very easy move out and move in and also they are very understanding and realistic with real life issues unlike some companies. I’d like to say thank you Ariana you were very nice and helpful especially with my move out.

Tammy W.

We are paying less than half of what we were paying at our last storage facility for the same exact size unit on the same floor. The staff was extremely helpful and informative. The gentleman took us to a unit to make sure we knew how to use their locks. You do have to purchase a special lock from them, but the lock is special made for storage units and would be very hard to break into. The facility is clean and there are plenty of carts to haul your items. Large sized hallways and elevators! The location is easy to get to and find. I have already told a few people about this facility and will continue to recommend it to others.

Kyle G.

From truck leasing to storage space, our experience was first-rate from start to finish. Sherri and Shaun, in particular, went out of their way to make sure every detail was taken care of. The climate-controlled facility is easily accessible and immaculately clean - would highly recommend!

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