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What to Look For in a Storage Unit for Business

Whether you’re a large company or a smaller family run business, you know how quickly you can run out of space. From product inventory building up to office furniture and supplies, it’s common for businesses to need more real estate for everything to go to normal. Plus, spending time trying to work out how to free up space at your place of business takes attention away from your customers. 

Business storage units help your operations reclaim the breathing room they need to let your business thrive. The only question is, how are you supposed to find the best storage unit for your needs? There’s no need for concern, because our self storage experts are here to help your business find the answer. 

Choosing Small Business Storage Units

1. Be Specific About Your Business Storage Needs 

The first step in finding the best business storage unit is having a clear idea of all your needs. Take some time to think about what you’ll be storing and for how long. For example, if you’re looking for more office space, a regular storage unit would be fine for keeping excess furniture secure. However, if you’re looking to store products that are perishable or prone to wear and tear, a climate controlled storage unit might be the best option. Here are some tips to help you find the best business storage unit: 

  •  Take a full inventory of all the items you want to store. 
  • Measure and do your best to estimate the sizes of the objects you’re looking to put in your business storage unit. 
  • Include any items that you’re likely to need direct access to. 

Once you have this list created, reach out to a few business storage unit providers to see what kind of solution they would recommend for your specific needs. This is a great way to start your storage search, and this process will help you get to know the local providers in the area. 

2. Think About the Location 

When you’re trying to find the best small business storage units, don’t forget about the location. Ideally, you want a storage facility that’s close by, especially if you foresee yourself or other employees making frequent visits. You’ll also want to think about the importance of the items you’re storing there. If you’re using a business storage unit to store expensive equipment or product inventory, you want a storage facility that has robust surveillance and security measures in place. 

Once you have a few storage facilities that you’re considering, do a test visit to each of them. See how long it takes you to visit each one and ask about their security measures. Be on the lookout for other perks or limitations that certain locations offer. A self storage facility located in the heart of a busy city might be more limited on the size of business storage units they can offer. 

3. Look into Temperature Controlled Business Storage Units 

Temperature controlled storage units keep a steady temperature ranging from 50 to 80 degrees inside. If your business is trying to store products that could be damaged by changes in the weather, like a bicycle rusting in the cold, temperature controlled storage is worth considering. This specialized business storage solution will give you and everyone at your company peace of mind knowing that your inventory is protected. 

If you’re not certain that your business’s products or equipment can be damaged from changes in temperature, common types of items that benefit from temperature include: 

  • Items made of wood 
  • Electronics 
  • Furniture 
  • Documents 
  • Retail business inventory 

4. Consider the Size and Design of Small Business Storage Units 

Business storage units come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Some storage units are narrow with more vertical space, while others are wide with a shallow ceiling. 

When you start looking for a business storage unit, it’s important to know that larger units will often cost more money per month but also give you more flexibility. Choose a few storage sizes from business storage companies you’re considering.  Then, take your list of items and their dimensions and map them out on the floor with tape.This will help you see how everything will fit in the space. This exercise will help to ensure that your business doesn’t pay for storage space it won’t use. 

Discover Reliable Business Storage Near You 

At Store Here Self Storage, you’ll have a team of storage experts ready to help your business find the space it needs. From temperature controlled storage units to specialized commercial services, our team is dedicated to making self-storage more convenient for your business. Take a look at all our storage facility locations across 11 states to find the storage solution that fits your unique needs.

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