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Advantages of Renting a Temperature Controlled Storage Unit

If you have an abundance of extra belongings in your home, a storage space may seem like the perfect solution for you and your family. Of course, once you decide that you need the extra space, you have a few choices to make, including whether or not you need a controlled temperature storage solution, often referred to as temperature controlled. The answer to that, however, is going to come after you’ve weighed your personal needs and the benefits.

4 Benefits of Temperature Control Storage

There are many benefits that come with renting a temperature controlled storage unit.

  • Keep your items safe from temperature fluctuations. If you live in an area that experiences high heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter, your items can become damaged if you keep them in an unconditioned space. Belongings made of wood, plastic and other sensitive material can split, warp or crack when they’re exposed to extreme temperature changes. Temperature controlled storage can help by keeping your possessions out of the heat and cold and in a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Experience better air quality. Temperature controlled storage units aren’t sealed the same way as standard storage units. They seal out the outside weather and continuously circulate conditioned air, helping the air quality to remain fresh and clean at all times. This is the ideal situation for temperamental items such as electronics, which need to stay in a space with clean conditions.
  • There’s an additional barrier from debris. Controlled temperature storage units characteristically have insulated walls, roofs and floors to better control the temperature of the space. In turn, that makes them less vulnerable to issues like flooding and pests. Plus, in combination with the better air quality, the extra barrier means less dust when you’re ready to bring anything out of storage.
  • Added peace of mind. Temperature controlled storage units generally cost more than a standard storage unit, so it may make you think twice about whether or not you need the extra conditioning for your storage space. But the peace of mind you’ll get — knowing your belongings are kept safely away from temperature fluctuations in every season and any debris issues — is worth it.

Store Here is Your Controlled Temperature Storage Solution

Once you’ve weighed your decision about a temperature controlled storage unit, you’ll need to select the right storage facility — and that’s where Store Here comes in. Our storage facilities in Alabama, California, Georgia, Illinois, IndianaMassachusetts, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin offer a variety of safety and security features including temperature control. If cost is still a concern, we frequently offer specials to make storage with us both convenient and affordable.

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