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The Ultimate List of Tips for Moving and Storing a Refrigerator

A man storing a fridge moves the fridge into a storage unitThere are many reasons you may be looking to move your refrigerator into a storage unit. Maybe you are moving soon, and your home won’t be move-in ready for a few months. Or, maybe you have recently upgraded appliances but want to save your old refrigerator for a relative that will need it soon. Unfortunately, moving a fridge can be a lot of work. The appliance is bulky, weighs hundreds of pounds and very expensive. When moving and storing a fridge, try out these tips!

How to Move and Store a Refrigerator: Follow These Easy Three Steps

Before you can store your refrigerator, your appliance has to be moved and prepped for storage. Learn how to move and prepare your refrigerator for storage below:

Step Number 1: Clear Out the Fridge
Clear out any food or beverages that may be left in your fridge. If you have advanced notice of moving your appliance, it might be smart to try to use up as many items in your refrigerator as possible in the weeks leading up to the move. Once the refrigerator is empty, wipe down all of the shelves, walls and drawers with a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid. This will help to prevent the refrigerator from smelling.

Step Number 2: Defrost the Refrigerator
About three to five days before your move, unplug the refrigerator and place towels under the appliance. This will help to absorb any moisture that may leak out of the fridge. Before placing your appliance into storage, allow it to thoroughly dry.

Step Number 3: Use a Dolly
Secure the doors of the refrigerator closed with a rope or a bungee cord. Load the appliance onto a dolly and secure it to the dolly. See what moving and packing materials you need for your move.

Two Tips for Storing a Refrigerator

If you do not store your refrigerator correctly, it can become damaged while in storage. Keep your refrigerator damage-free by following these storage tips:

  • Keep the Doors Open: Once the fridge is safe inside of the storage unit, remove the rope and bungee cord from the appliance. Keep the doors of the refrigerator open to allow for air circulation.
  • Use a Climate Controlled Storage Unit: It is not safe to store your appliances in your garage or basement due to the fluctuations in temperature. When storing your refrigerator, utilize a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled storage unit will help to maintain a steady temperature safe for storing more sensitive items.

Store Here Has Appliance Storage Solutions

Are you looking for a location to store your refrigerator? Store Here has storage facilities in Alabama, California, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin with climate controlled storage units. Reserve your storage unit today!

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