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Storing a Car for Winter

How to Store a Car for the Colder Months

1. Clean your car before storage.
Before putting your car into long term storage, clean it, dry it and apply a coat of wax. If you’ve driven it after a snowfall or after the salt trucks have been out, the salt and moisture can sit under your car, eating away at and causing issues for later. When you clean your car, make sure to clean it thoroughly – not just on the surface. Then let it fully dry before covering it.

2. Refuel.
As the winter blows cold, temperatures fluctuate, and your fuel tank can attract moisture. That can result in rust and a clogged fuel filter. To avoid this, fill up the tank before you put it away for the winter. Filling the tank means less room for air, preventing moisture buildup.

3. Take the weight off the tires.
When you park your car for an extended period of time, it can develop flat spots where the rubber is consistently compressed. If you can’t regularly check the pressure and add air to the tires, consider placing your car on jack stands. Older cars can be subject to sagging frames, so rather than jack stands for vehicles like these, place a 2×10 board under each tire to provide enough insulation from cold concrete.

4. Check the fluids.
Most mechanics will tell you to change the oil before long term car storage. Antifreeze is also often overlooked, but you need to take care of that before you store your car as it needs to move through the engine. It’s also important to keep certain fluids out of the car. Place a couple of boxes of baking soda in the interior to help absorb excess moisture.

5. Use a cover.
Gone are the days of using tarps to cover your car. They don’t allow much airflow and can trap moisture inside. Bed sheets and dust covers are fine if you live in an area without much snowfall, but they don’t protect well from precipitation. If you aren’t parking your car in a storage unit or the garage, consider an automotive cover.

Long Term Car Storage with Store Here

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