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Storage Unit Insurance: Benefits for Any Unit Size

When you move into your house or apartment, you sign up for homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Why? You want to protect your belongings in case anything should happen. So why wouldn’t you do the same thing when you put your belongings in storage? Self storage insurance (or tenant insurance) comes with many benefits, several of which are listed below.

Self Storage Rental Insurance Helps Keep You Protected

There are plenty of reasons to get self storage insurance with your unit..

  1. You may be storing items of value. Whether monetary or just sentimental, some of the things you put into storage may have value. Self storage insurance can help to make sure you’re compensated should anything happen to your items.
  2. You can’t control extreme weather. Unfortunately, mother nature can cause untold chaos. While storage units can protect your belongings from many things, natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes can rarely be defended.
  3. While unlikely, theft can still happen. Storage facilities, like Store Here, take every precaution to make the property secure — even more than most homes or apartments. While it’s incredibly difficult for theft to occur, it does occasionally happen. When you invest in storage unit insurance, you get coverage for your possessions should theft occur.
  4. Some facilities require storage unit insurance. Not every storage facility requires you to get insurance, but many do. It’s similar to a landlord mandating renter’s insurance.
  5. It’s incredibly convenient. If you purchase insurance at the same time as your unit, it’s paid at the same time, making less work for you and less to remember.
  6. Additional peace of mind. Security features like individual locks and security cameras are designed to keep your possessions safe, but just knowing that your items are covered by insurance helps to give you complete peace of mind. Why take the risk on your treasured items by skipping out on the added protection?

Add an Extra Layer of Security to Your Belongings with Store Here

Store Here has locations across the United in Alabama, California, Georgia, Illinois, IndianaMassachusetts, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. Our security measures in each of our facilities means you can sleep soundly each night, knowing we’re looking out for you. If you need a little extra protection for your more sensitive items, we also offer temperature controlled storage units.

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The mission of Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah is to understand cancer from its beginnings, to use that knowledge in the creation and improvement of cancer treatments, to relieve the suffering of cancer patients.

Huntsman Cancer Institute’s mission is to understand cancer from its beginnings, to use that knowledge in the creation and improvement of cancer treatments, to relieve the suffering of cancer patients, and to provide education about cancer risk, prevention, and care.

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