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How to Protect Outdoor Furniture During Winter

Outdoor furniture covered with snowThe last warm nights of summer have dwindled away, bringing fall in its shadows. Unfortunately, this means that the summer nights spent with family and friends, enjoying barbecues and games have also left us, for now. To best protect your furniture to keep it safe for future summers, it is important to properly prepare your patio furniture for storage.

How to Protect Patio Furniture from Rust

Metal furniture is a gorgeous addition to any deck or patio, but unfortunately, it is also prone to rust. When combating rust, it is important to first understand what elements will cause an item to rust. Water and moisture left on any metal surface for an extended period of time can result in rust. If patio furniture has been left outside in rain or snow, thoroughly dry off the furniture as soon as you can.

At the first sign of rust, treat your patio furniture to prevent it from worsening. Light rust can be removed with a scouring pad or steel wool, but medium or heavy rust may need a wire brush or scraper. After removing the rust, prime the spot with a rust-proof primer and then repaint over the spot. For best results, inspect your patio furniture periodically throughout the summer months. Before storing furniture for the off-season though, it is essential to inspect it for rust and treat it accordingly.

Patio Furniture Protective Covers

Keep furniture covered when it is not in use. Cushions and chair backs can also be beneficial to preventing rust as they minimize the degree of exposure the patio furniture will face. To best protect your furniture from the damaging elements, invest in a protective cover. Manufacturers sell covers that fit exclusively to their furniture, but any high-quality cover will do.

Store Patio Furniture When it is Not in Use

Patio furniture should be stored during the off-season or when it is not being used. When storing patio furniture, store it in a dry location. The last thing you want is for your furniture to unknowingly be exposed to moisture during off-season storage, leaving your furniture damaged come summer-time.

If You’re in Need of a Space to Store Your Patio Furniture, Store with Store Here

If you do not have a location to store your outdoor furniture that will keep it safe from the winter elements, consider storing your items at a storage facility. A self storage unit will keep your patio furniture in a dry and covered location without crowding your garage or shed. We have storage units ranging in sizes from 3X4 to 10X40, so whether it’s a large or small patio set, we have you covered for all your household storage needs. The storage units at all of our storage facilities are well lit and utilize a 24/7 camera monitoring system so you can rest easy knowing you are storing with the best. Contact us or reserve a unit today!

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