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How to Choose a Self-Storage Unit

storage units portland tnSelf-storage units are available in a wide range of sizes and types. From 5×5 storage units, to 10×20, climate control , and everything else in between, the process of selecting a storage unit can be daunting.

This article simplifies that process and offers tips for how to choose a storage unit that works for you. These steps include creating an inventory list, identifying items you will need to access in storage, estimating storage space and reviewing appropriate storage solutions.

Tips for Choosing a Storage Unit

1. Create an inventory list of storage items
2. Identify items you will need to access in storage
3. Estimate total storage space required
4. Review appropriate storage solutions

Create an Inventory List of Storage Items

When choosing a self-storage unit, the first step is to create an inventory list of items you plan to place in storage. Once you have selected these items, it is now time to consider sizes, shapes and how belongings will be boxed and placed inside the storage unit. Boxes should be labeled, and these labels should also be referenced on your inventory list so that you can find items quickly. This list will continue to be an integral part of your storage process, and should be available during all stages of storage (i.e. moving, packing, unpacking) to maximize efficiency.

Identify Items to Access in Storage

Depending on how long you plan to store items, it may be important to provide space for ventilation and access. When storing belongings for short periods of time, it is usually okay to pack them closer together. When storing belongings for longer periods of time, however, providing extra space not only provides much-needed ventilation, but carves a nice walkway so you can get to your items easily. Based on the size or number of items you will need to access in storage, the storage unit you choose will need to be large enough to accommodate both the walkway and proper spacing.

Estimate Total Storage Space

The best way to estimate your total storage space is to pack your belongings and stack them together. Without damaging any items inside the boxes, measure to see how much space you need. Try using different containers or boxes to figure out the most efficient way to store everything. Then, consider the items you will need to access. Do you have enough of a walkway to roll out, for example, your bicycle or snow blower? Can you access and remove boxes you will need? Include this additional space required for access in your total storage estimate.

Review Self-Storage Unit Options

Before making a final decision, visit your nearest Store Here facility to review your inventory list and size estimates. Are there items on your list that will require climate controlled storage? Do you have enough space incorporated into your estimate for proper accessibility? These are the questions that self-storage experts at Store Here can help you answer. At each of our storage locations throughout the country, our customer service team is experienced in helping tenants determine how to choose the best storage unit for their needs.

Contact Store Here for help determining how to choose the storage unit that works for you. Stop by any of our self-storage locations today to save time and money with your next storage experience.

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