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Fall Prevention Tips for the Home

Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries for senior adults, with one in four falling each year. A fall can result in hip fractures, broken bones and even concussions. Unfortunately, the effects of a fall can be lasting, so you should take every precaution you can to stop one from happening. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to prevent falls at home.

5 Ways to Prevent Falls in Your Home

Many hazards in your home can contribute to a fall. However, there are a few simple home improvements you can make for fall injury prevention.

  • Reduce clutter. Any time your home becomes too cluttered, it can become a fall risk. Take time to declutter and organize your house, making sure you get rid of or store any unnecessary items. You’ll also want to specifically focus on high-traffic areas like stairs and hallways.
  • Eliminate tripping hazards. Falls in the home can often be caused by loose cords and cables, unstable handrails and unsecure carpets. Tape or tack down lamp cords if they’re in a walking path. Remove rugs or anchor them to the floor. If you have any loose floor boards, broken handrails or other areas of concern, repair them right away so you can move freely through your home without fear of falling.
  • Add grab bars and handrails throughout the home. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of tripping and not being able to catch yourself. Luckily, you can help prevent this by installing grab bars in places like the shower and making handrails accessible near all the stairs. This way you can move through your house confidently, knowing that you’ll have something to grab onto should you trip.
  • Improve lighting. Having too little lighting in your home can lead to fall risks. Opt for using bright lights, especially near stairs. You may also want to consider adding nightlights leading to the bathroom to make seeing a little easier at night without disturbing others who are sleeping.
  • Transition to one-level living. When your home has multiple floors, falling on or near the stairs is inevitable. It may be time to consider downsizing or moving to the main level of your home. If you’re opting to downsize to an apartment, many apartment buildings also offer elevator access if moving to the ground floor isn’t possible.

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Huntsman Cancer Institute’s mission is to understand cancer from its beginnings, to use that knowledge in the creation and improvement of cancer treatments, to relieve the suffering of cancer patients, and to provide education about cancer risk, prevention, and care.

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