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What to Do with Old Electronics: The Four Top Solutions

Do you know what e-waste is? E-waste, or electronic waste, is the unwanted or discarded electronic devices that we throw out once they reach the end of their useful life. Unfortunately, according to Earth911, the United States is the largest producer of e-waste, generating 9.4 million tons a year.

An old jukebox before it is stored

At some point in your life, you have likely been in the situation where you are done with your electronic device but are not sure what to do with it. There are many options for safely getting rid of your old devices. However, throwing them out should never be one of them. If you’re looking to get rid of your electronics, try out one of these solutions!

What to Do with Electronics: Four Great Options

Donate Electronics to Worthy Causes

Donating electronics to a worthy cause both keeps them out of landfills and positively impacts another’s life. There are many worthy organizations out there seeking your donated electronics. From helping veterans, to sick kids in hospitals, to needy families around the world, donating electronics can do a lot of good in someone’s life. And if that isn’t enough incentive, most electronic donations are tax deductible.

Recycle Electronics

Many valuable natural resources can be extracted from recycling old electronics. This helps to conserve our limited natural resources. Recycling electronics means that valuable resources such as gold, silver, aluminum, copper, plastics and other metals can be reused in other products. There are also many toxins and hazardous materials inside of electronics that can seep into our soil and water when they’re put into landfills. If you’re looking for a place to donate your used electronics, contact your local community to see if they have an electronics drive coming up.

Selling Electronics Online

If your electronics are relatively new or rare, you may be able to make a profit by selling it online. Sites like Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon and Gazelle allow you to easily sell your items online. Before selling your item, always wipe it clean of personal information.

Electronics Storage Tips

There may be some electronics that you just aren’t willing to part ways with. Whether the item has sentimental value, or you think you will use it in the future, storing your electronics can help to keep it in working condition. Try out these electronics storage tips!

  1. Check the Owner’s Manual: Before storing your electronics, consult the owner’s manual for any specific packing and storage instructions. Packing and storage instructions can vary based on different brands and the material of the products.
  2. Take a Picture of the Wiring Hook Up: There’s nothing more frustrating than hooking up electronics. Mitigate the amount of time spent hooking up your electronics after storage by taking a picture of the wiring.
  3. Detach Wires and Bundle Together: Detach all of the attachments, accessories and wires and bundle them together to keep them organized and avoid losing them.
  4. Move Items in Original Boxes: In order to best protect your electronics, move and store them in their original boxes and containers. If you’re unable to move them in their original boxes, wrap them in moving blankets and use foam to protect the screen.
  5. Store Items in a Temperature Controlled Storage Unit: Fluctuations in temperature can be detrimental to the quality of your electronics. Prolonged exposure to fluctuations in temperature can cause screens to warp and the electronic wiring to rust or break. Protect your electronics during storage by using a temperature-controlled storage unit.

Store Here Has Electronics Storage Solutions

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