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How to Store a Bicycle for the Off Season

A father and son preparing a bicycle for bike storage.

The condition of your bicycle come next summer time will depend on the steps you take to protect your bicycle during the winter months. Taking the time to properly store your bike now will save you time in the long run and help you avoid costly repairs. When storing your bicycle for the off season, follow these simple bicycle storage tips:

  1. Thoroughly Clean Your Bicycle
  2. Lubricate all Cables
  3. Inflate Tires Before Storage
  4. Use Bicycle Hooks
  5. Store Smart

5 Top Bicycle Storage Solutions to Keep Your Ride Strong & Safe

  1. Thoroughly Clean Your Bicycle: Take the time to thoroughly clean your bike. Your bicycle’s worst enemy is dirt, grime and salt from trails or the road. Any leftover grime can turn to rust, or over time, cause corrosion. To clean your bike, you only need a soft brush and a lint-free rag. First, take the brush and gently knock off any dirt on the frame, in the gears or in the chain. Next, go over your bike again using your rag to free any remaining dust and dirt.
  2. Lubricate all Cables: Before storing, lubricate the cables on your bicycle. This will help prevent rusting from occurring, as well as keep your bicycle in optimal shape for the next season.
  3. Inflate Tires Before Storage: If you are planning on storing your bicycle standing up resting on its tires, properly inflate the tires before storage. Overtime, the pressure of the bike on a single area on the tire can cause a weak or dead spot. Depending on how long the bike is left, it can also cause the tire to become warped.
  4. Use Bicycle Hooks: If possible, store your bike using bicycle hooks. This will help you avoid the chance of misshapen tires all together. Bicycle hooks will also keep your bike off of the ground and away from other items in your garage that could lean or fall on your bike, damaging the frame or gears.
  5. Store Smart: The location in which you choose to store your bicycle will depend on your living situation. If you’re in an apartment, you may be forced to store your bicycle inside or on a patio or balcony. Either way, the main considerations to keep in mind are keeping your bicycle safe from the damaging weather, and in a secure location away from potential thieves. If you are storing your bicycle outside, lock it up and cover it securely with a tarp or specially designed cover. Not only will this help protect it from rain and snow, it will also conceal your ride from thieves.

Bicycle Storage Solutions from Store Here Self Storage

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