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5 Easy Basement Storage and Organization Tips

An organized and clean basementWhen you don’t know where to put something, where does it often go? In the basement! While the basement is one of the largest rooms in the house and can handle holding a large number of times, eventually it may become too cluttered any messy. If you have reached your breaking point and are just looking to get your basement back to being organized and more functional, then stick with us! We put together 5 of the most helpful basement storage and organization tips. Check them out below!

Organize Your Basement Using these 5 Basement Storage Tips

  1. Start fresh: Something to keep in mind while organizing your basement is to also set aside some time to clean. Cleaning your basement will help your basement to appear more organized and help you to get a fresh start. Vacuum the carpet, sweep the floors and pull items off of shelves and thoroughly clean each shelve.
  2. Determine what can stay and what can go: The next step in organizing your basement is to look through your items to determine what you no longer need. Items that you haven’t used in years should be donated, sold or given away to family or friends.
  3. Avoid storing items that may be susceptible to mold or mildew: It is important to remember that not everything can be stored in the basement. There are some items that are more prone to mold, mildew or rust and should be kept away from the basement. Never store mattresses, pictures, paper items or instruments in your basement.
  4. Categorize your items into groups: Categorizing your items into groups will help you to easily find what you’re looking for in the future. For example, keep all sporting equipment together, all craft supplies together and all miscellaneous pieces of furniture together.
  5. Utilize storage containers: One of the best ways to organize your basement is by utilizing storage containers. Storage containers can help you to tuck away items until you need them again. Storage containers come in all different sizes and are perfect for storing sporting equipment, old mementos, crafting supplies and more. These storage containers can be easily stored on shelves or inside of a closet.
  6. Keep up with the cleaning: Even after your organization project is completed, you should not stop organizing. Make time throughout the month to go back through your basement and look for any items that are out of place.

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