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The Best DIY Halloween Costumes

Kids standing in front of home in Halloween costumesHalloween is a time for trick or treating, spooky-fun parties and lots of candy. But before you can take part in Halloween festivities, you must choose your costume. The average person spends $74 dollars on a Halloween costume. This is a steep price for something that is only worn once a year. Instead of purchasing your costume this year, make an easy Halloween costume yourself with these DIY Halloween costume ideas! With many ideas from a doctor to your own DIY Clark Kent costume, you have endless opportunities.

DIY Clark Kent Halloween Costume

If you have a little super hero fan in the house, make this unique DIY Clark Kent costume! Kids and adults can create this simple costume with a Superman tee, plain dress shirt and glasses.

DIY Deer Halloween Costume

Create this easy adorable deer costume out of items you most likely have at your house! The best part is this costume can easily be tweaked to be appropriate for any age group. To create this look, you’ll need brown leggings, shirt and boots, an old headband and fabric, and a tutu! If you do not have a brown tutu, create one using tulle and elastic!

DIY Donut Costume

This Halloween, dress as your favorite food! This fun and unique costume is sure to be a hit at Halloween parties! To create this look, you will need tan, brown and colored fleece material, glue, batting and thread.

DIY Minnie Mouse Costume

Why not dress as your favorite mouse this year for Halloween? This adorable costume is very easy to create– all you need is a black top, red skirt, mouse ears, black shoes and lipstick. Bonus points if you can find a Mickey! Simply substitute the red skirt for red shorts and your dynamic duo Halloween costume will be complete!

DIY Cookie Monster Costume

If you’re looking for a fun and unique costume, consider creating this DIY cookie monster costume! To create this costume, you will need a blue dress, blue fabric, an elastic band, fabric glue and colored felt to make the cookies. Might we suggest turning this solo costume into a group costume by creating all of the characters from Sesame Street?

DIY Star Wars Costumes

If you’re looking for more of a challenge that will pay off with some pretty epic costumes, try out this Halloween costume idea! To create this fun Halloween costume, you will need foam mesh, foam wreaths, foam cylinders, cardboard boxes, white and black poster board, tape and paint. This costume will take a little more work than the other DIY costume ideas, but the end product will be worth it!

Are You Looking for Somewhere to Store Your Do It Yourself Halloween Costume?

After the Halloween fun is over, you are probably looking for a place to store your costume. Instead of letting it take up room in a drawer or the closet, consider utilizing a storage unit. A storage unit is a good costume storage idea because it will keep your costume out of the way and in a secure location for future Halloween fun! At Store Here, we have storage units ranging from 5X5 to 10X20, and every size in between. If your costume has been made from sensitive materials like paper, leather or fabric, consider utilizing a climate controlled storage unit. So, if you’re looking for a place to store your Halloween costumes, decorations and other seasonal items, contact us today!

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Huntsman Cancer Institute’s mission is to understand cancer from its beginnings, to use that knowledge in the creation and improvement of cancer treatments, to relieve the suffering of cancer patients, and to provide education about cancer risk, prevention, and care.

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