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7 Tips for Winterizing a Boat

Man cleaning boat propellerFor boat owners, there’s nothing like spending the days cruising around on the water. But unfortunately, with the start of fall, it is time to start thinking about storing your boat for winter. In order to prevent your boat from getting damaged during the off-season, it is essential that it is winterized and stored correctly. Interested in learning more? Keep reading below!

How to Store a Boat for Winter

  1. Refer to the owner’s manual: For the safety and longevity of your boat, always check the owner’s manual before storing your boat. Different models of boats will require different care and checking the owner’s manual will ensure your boat receives the care it needs.
  2. Change the oil: Before putting your boat into storage, change the oil. Overtime, old oil produces acids that can corrode the engine components and even shorten the lifespan of the engine.
  3. Siphon out or use up the gas: Any gasoline left in your boat can form gum or varnish, which is not good for the boat. In order to get rid of the rest of the fuel inside of your boat, consider taking it on one last joy ride. If you’d rather use the gas to fuel your leaf blower, snow blower or vehicle, it can be siphoned out of your boat.
  4. Inspect the boat for signs of damage: If your boat has suffered from damage during boating season, it is essential that the damage is addressed before storage. If your boat does require maintenance, the worst thing you can do for your boat is to simply put it into storage anyway. Depending on the kind and degree of damage, it is likely that it will have worsened by the time spring comes around.
  5. Clean the boat: Just like how you’d never store appliances or electronics that are dirty, never store a boat that is dirty. Clean both the interior and exterior of the boat to remove any grime from the water, sand, food residue and more. After the boat is completely clean, give it a fresh coat of wax.
  6. Fog the engine cylinders: Next, spray the fogging solution into the air intake. Fogging the cylinders will help to prevent corrosion from forming on the engine.
  7. Use a boat cover: To protect your boat from the winter elements, always use a boat cover. Contact your boat manufacturer for information on recommending boat covers.

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