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An outfit with clothes folded the Marie Kondo way.If you’re like most other people across the globe, your home can become untidy no matter how hard you try to fight it. Sometimes it’s from clutter, sometimes it’s from too many items not getting put back where they belong. Regardless of the cause, a cluttered space can impact our stress levels.

Marie Kondo is a name that’s been sweeping the nation thanks to her best-selling book and Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” In the show, Kondo shows each family how to follow each step of the Konmari organization method to improve the orderliness of their homes. Below, we’ll walk you through the Marie Kondo categories and tips to tidy up your home and make it feel more orderly.

Marie Kondo Categories

Purging is the first step in the process. Rather than purge by room, Marie Kondo shows the families how to purge using five categories:

  1. Clothes.
  2. Book.
  3. Papers.
  4. Miscellaneous (often referred to by Kondo as “Komono”).
  5. Sentimental items.

These categories are in order of easiest to hardest to let go of, so going through them in order means being able to purge more. By using each of the categories to tidy, you have less of a chance of leaving duplicate items. You also get a better idea of how many belongings you really have by bringing every item from a category into the same room.

As you go through your items in each category, hold each one and ask yourself if it “sparks joy” for you. If the answer is no, thank it for what it taught you (that this type of shirt isn’t your favorite, that you don’t enjoy that genre of movies and so forth) and set it aside to donate or throw away. If the answer is yes, put it with the rest of the items to keep and organize.

<h2>Tidying Up the Items You Choose to Keep</h2>

Next comes the organization process. Just as you purged items in categories, you can also organize items by category.

  • Clothes: You may already know that Marie Kondo has a particular way of folding clothes to both make use of space and make things easier to find. A dresser will work best for this style of folding, but you can also stack clothes vertically in your closet.
  • Books: Unlike clothes, books should be stored vertically. Ask yourself if the book matches where you are in life or where you want to go. If the answer is no to both of those, you probably aren’t going to read it in the future, so you can let go of it. To keep your shelves from gathering too much in the future, do this as you continue to gain more books.
  • Papers: Luckily, we live in a digital age which means you probably don’t need most of the hardcopy paperwork you’ve accumulated. If you don’t think you can access a digital copy, you can scan most things into your computer for safe keeping. For papers that you absolutely need to hold onto, create one place to house everything, using the labels “To Deal With,” “Keep Short Term,” “Taxes [Year],” “Identification,” and “Keep Forever.” These labels will help you find things quickly as well as clear out anything you don’t need after a period of time.
  • Miscellaneous: Similar­ to books, miscellaneous items should sit upright and shouldn’t be stacked on top of each other if possible. Small boxes and dividers within drawers help to make sure that each item has a “home,” making it more likely that you’ll return it to the correct spot later.
  • Sentimental: If you’re not putting items in this category on display in your home, find a storage method that will help keep things organized. Photos are a common item in this category, so if you find yourself needing to store them, organize by year or event — preferably in a photo album.

<h2>Storing Your Newly Organized Items with Store Here</h2>

Eliminating items from your home can sometimes mean finding things you’re not ready to let go of but you also can’t keep in your home. If you find yourself in that situation, a Store Here storage facility near you could be the solution. With locations in Alabama, California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin, we’re sure to have something conveniently located in your area. Our storage units allow you to store items for your home or business with ease.

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