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The Top Tips for Moving a Dining Room Table and Chairs

Removing the legs from a wooden table before storageWhile your kitchen table is bulky and heavy, it also is surprisingly fragile. When moving your kitchen table, it is important to do so correctly in order to mitigate the chances of damage occurring while in transit. In this post, you will find tips for moving your kitchen table and chairs.

Moving a Dining Room Table: 5 Must-Follow Tips

  1. Clean the Table: Before moving your table, be sure to clean and dust it. This is especially important if you are storing it. Use a cloth to wipe off any dust then treat it with a furniture polish to lock in moisture.
  2. Remove the Legs: It is much easier to move a table if the legs have been removed. If the legs are attached with bolts or screws, remove them and place the bolts and screws into a bag. Tape the bag to the bottom of the table. If the legs are attached to the table with glue, use a putty knife to break the seal.
  3. Wrap the Legs: Wrap the legs with bubble wrap or heavy blankets to protect them during the move. This is especially important if you were unable to move the legs.
  4. Remove the Table Leaf: If the table has a leaf, remove it and wrap it in blankets to protect it during the move.
  5. Secure Drop-Side Table: If the table is a drop-side table, put the sides of the table down and wrap them in a blanket.
  6. Secure the Table in the Moving Van: Prevent the table from moving around while in transit by securing it to the wall or lying it flat on the floor of the truck.

How to Pack Dining Room Chairs for Moving

  1. Move Chairs by the Seat: When moving chairs, always pick them up by the bottom seat. Dragging them by their backs across the floor can damage both the chairs and your floor.
  2. Place One Chair on Top of the Other Chair: Stack chairs together with one chair upside down on top of the other chair. Secure the chairs together using a bungee cord.

How to Store a Dining Room Table and Chairs

There may be a few reasons why you are looking to store your table. Maybe you are moving out of your old home, but your new home isn’t quite ready yet. Or, maybe you love your table and envision using it later in your home, but you want to use a different table for a new look. When storing your kitchen table, try out these tips.

  1. Cover Your Furniture: Protect your furniture from scratches and dust while in storage by covering it with furniture pads or moving blankets.
  2. Use a Climate Controlled Storage Unit: Fluctuations in temperature can damage your sensitive wooden furniture. Protect your furniture while it is in storage by using a climate controlled storage unit.
  3. Keep it Off the Floor: Use pallet boards to raise your furniture off of the floor to protect it from any moisture that may seep up.

Store Here Has Household Storage Solutions

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