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How to Rent a Self Storage Unit for the First Time

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Self storage facilities offer a variety of storage units. If you haven’t rented a storage unit before, the process may seem overwhelming. Luckily for you it doesn’t have to be – after preparing for a few simple questions, the rental process can actually become quite simple.

This article helps identify those questions, as well as outlining everything you need to know before contacting the storage facility near you for the first time. These tips include how to determine which storage option you need, how much storage space you’ll require, as well as how to prepare your items and organize your unit.

Tips for Renting a Self Storage Unit

  1. Step 1: Determine Which Type of Self Storage Unit You Need
  2. Step 2: Estimate How Much Storage Space is Right For You
  3. Step 3: Prepare Items for Move-In Day
  4. Step 4: Properly Organize Your Storage Unit

Determine Which Type of Storage You Need

There are several types of self storage units to consider before making your decision to rent a unit for the first time. How do you know which type of unit is right for you? Here’s an overview of the most common storage units and what they’re typically used for:

  • Standard Accessible Storage Units: Available in a variety of sizes and perfect for storing toys, patio furniture, tools, kitchen utensils and other durable items.
  • Climate Controlled Storage Units: Available in a variety of sizes and perfect for storing anything that needs to be sheltered away from extreme heat or cold.
  • Vehicle, RV & Boat Storage Units: For cars, motor homes, watercraft and other recreational vehicles like ATVs, snowmobiles and motorcycles.

Estimate How Much Storage Space Is Right For You

The next question to ask is how much space do you need? Storage unit pricing will vary depending on the size and type of storage unit. This can be determined by measuring the items you are planning to place in storage with a measuring tape. Then, speak with a storage professional about what you plan to store and they can help you find the size of unit that is best for you. At each of our Store Here self storage locations, our industry-leading staff can quickly assess which is the best unit for you based on your measurements and intended use.

Prepare for Move-In Day

After renting a storage unit, it is time to make sure that the items that you are storing are properly prepared for storage. Following basic packing tips will help keep your items protected while they are in storage. Once each box has been packed and securely sealed with packing tape, make sure that it is labeled before placing in storage. Create an inventory list based on your box labeling system.

Properly Organizing Your Storage Units

When placing items in your storage unit for the first time, organize them so there is an aisle down the middle to the back of the storage unit. This will allow you to navigate the space more efficiently. Place large appliances and electronics towards the back. Put frequently needed items toward the front of the storage unit for easy access. Depending on the length of your rental, it’s always a best practice to check on the items in your storage unit every few months to make sure nothing has shifted, especially in particularly packed units.

For more tips on how to rent a self storage unit for the first time, find a Store Here storage location near you. With several self storage facilities throughout the United States, our team is standing by to help with all your storage needs.

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