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Military couple packing boxes for new assignmentThe military lifestyle is one filled with constant mobility. Sometimes your move is across the country, other times it’s to the barracks up the road. If you receive PCS orders, you don’t know when you’ll return. A post with an unspecified time means you need a military storage unit. Packing everything up and organizing it is a chore, but we’ve laid out some PCS moving tips to make the process easier for you.

PCS Moving Checklist

1. Create a PCS moving binder.

A PCS moving binder will be the key to keeping your sanity during the transition. This is the perfect place to keep all your paperwork in one, easily accessible place:

  • Passports, if you’re posted overseas.
  • Copies of birth certificates.
  • Medical records.
  • Insurance paperwork.
  • Contact information for both your upcoming and previous posts.
  • Housing applications.
  • Bill termination notices.
  • Marriage license.
  • Travel information.
  • Military paperwork.
  • Any documentation you may need for the local government.

Keep this binder with you during your travels for a stress-free transition. If you’re not sure how to put one together, use a PCS moving binder template.

2. Get transportation in order.
For many families, it makes sense to have your car shipped to your new location. But if you have multiple cars, shipping may be a hassle. Like many military families, you may choose to ship one car and lease another during your assignment. If so, you’ll need a storage solution for your other vehicles. If you can’t leave them with a family member, a vehicle storage unit is the best option.

3. Pack with organization in mind.
Color-coding each box based on room will help you quickly unload the moving truck and get everything in its basic place. You should also pack a “first day box.” This will help you get through your first day of unpacking with items such as phone chargers, tools for assembly and batteries.

4. Organize the loading order.
While this may not be your first PCS move, your priorities may be different this time around. Traveling as one or two single adults is much different than moving with children. If you have small children or infants, make sure the baby things go onto the truck first. That way, you won’t run out of room for them. If the first truck fills, the second one may not come until after you’ve reached your new assignment.

5. Prepare for travel.
Once you have everything packed or stored, traveling to your new assignment is the next step. If you’re moving across the country, you may choose to fly. There are many different airlines that offer military flight discounts.

If you drive rather than fly, you’ll want to plan out your route. Map out any hospitals and hotels to stay at along the way, especially if you have small children. If you have this information prepared ahead of time, you can prevent a lot of stress should something happen on the road. You may also want to research things such as gas prices on your route so you can prepare a travel budget.


Store the Belongings You Don’t Take with Store Here Self Storage

When you get a new assignment, you can’t always take everything with you. Maybe you’re moving to a smaller housing option, or maybe you know the move is short. If you don’t know what to do with your extra belongings, look to Store Here Self Storage! With locations across the country, we’re the perfect solution for military families.

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